Open Up Your Eyes: Soundtrack to personal success

i to i has engaged recording artist Karoline Munksnaes to put music and lyrics to the positive outlook that underlies Soren Holmgren and i to i’s success. The outcome is the life-affirming number ”Open Up Your Eyes”. The number acts as an extra dimension to many of i to i’s projects and will probably also be available with the next edition of Soren's book "Blind faith - the path to personal success". Until then you can buy the song on iTunes.

With the track ”Open Up Your Eyes” Karoline has interpreted Soren's outlook on life and the path to success. The song expresses, with both enthusiasm and earthiness, how much potential life holds for those who dare to believe in themselves.

Karoline Munksnaes 

Karoline Munksnaes, singer and actress, is also a recorded artist with her debut album "In the opposite direction" available March 2nd 2010, and she may also be seen in the Eastern Gasworks theatre concert "Before it gets said", from February 4th 2010.

Read about Karoline's new album "In the opposite direction" on MySpace and (via Google translation) about the theatre concert "Before it gets said" at the Eastern Gasworks.

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