Blind tillid forside

Text on the Danish cover:
as told to Henriette Bendix

The Road to Personal Success

Cover art:
Søren Holmgren and Sofie Østergaard
Photo and cover concept:
Flemming Gernyx ©

Blind Trust - the Road to Personal Success

Soren Holmgren's book is about creating success in life. About how tools and strategies from the world of sport, mixed with targeted motivation and improvements in processes, can lead to success just when the challenge may seem like an unsurmountable obstacle for the individual.

Readers are presented with the tools Soren Holmgren took advantage of in elite sport, and which he now uses in both his daily work and in his personal life. All seasoned with both dramatic and humorous stories about life as a blind man.

’Blind Trust - the Road to Personal Success’ will be available soon from your bookseller.

You can read a sample chapter from the book.