Drawing inspiration from the sporting world, Soren Holmgren has developed his own scoreboard model:

The model keeps track of the day's experiences; adding pluses or minuses to the total for the whole day and for everything that happens during the day. Everything will be added to the tally - even the smallest everyday experiences. If the score is plus in his favour, it's been another good day.

Here's an example from Soren Holmgren's own day:

  • If he wakes up in the morning, it's already 1-0
  • When he gets out the door without his daughter throwing her porridge over him, it's 2-0.
  • When he arrives at work without having fallen down onto the train tracks, it's 3-0.
  • If Sarah is sitting in reception and says Good Morning with a lovely smile in her voice, it's 4-0.
  • Then he meets his boss... 4-1.
  • And so on ...

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