From previous lectures given by Soren Holmgren come these testimonials:

"Soren, Thank you very much for your involvement I think you added a lot to our seminar. Not only was your session motivational, I think you gave the team a lot of idea’s they could take away and implement. We celebrated Soren style on Thursday when we won a meeting with a new customer ! We also spent the day marking our own scoreboards. Once again, thanks for the talk. Your use of the stage, presentation, mix of humour with the serious was extremely effective and your subject matter matched our meeting perfectly. I will definitely recommend your services to others and consider how you could help train our sales team in the future."
Richard Askew, District General Manager Nordics, Honeywell Building Solutions

"We would also like to say to you that we were deeply impressed by the confidence and charm with which you presented your paper. You are such a professional speaker that you outdid the others in the conference. That you were more than 100% prepared shone through clearly. Bravo!"
Kirsten Broager, Nota

"I would like to say a big thanks to both of you for a fantastic experience yesterday at our meeting in Båstad.
The feedback has been very very positive and your lecture was the big topic during dinner.
So, many thanks! You helped make the day a memorable experience for all of us in Coloplast!"
Nicolai Buhl Andersen, General Manager & Vice President, Coloplast Nordic

"Thank you for an excellent speech. You could certainly understand their applause - there was great enthusiasm among the participants."
Lizette Koefoed, The Little Savings Bank (De Mindre Sparekasser)

"It was deeply fascinating, the way you clearly explained the simplicity of life, and how to throw negative thoughts off. Please allow me to make use of the scoreboard for a permanent tool in my daily life."
Benjamin Halpern, Click-a-site A/S

"Thanks for a super event. It was really inspiring, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we've 'done something for everyone at home'."
Karsten Mathiesen, Director, Danish Education Center A/S

"It was nice and refreshing to hear your message at our meeting of Business Coaching North Zealand last week. Your commitment, lifestyle and willingness to make a difference will, I am sure, get us all to think for a moment about what we do and especially how. You had us all "in the palm of your hand" during your speech, not least because your message is right to the point."
Jens Christiansen, Business Coaching North Zealand

"Thank you for a fantastic evening with the lecture - super good. You can definitely go out and become a guru..."
Annette Lykkehoj Skydsgaard, designer and proprietor, Energizones

"I want to say thanks for an interesting and eye-opening event. It was exciting to hear about your path to success. I have great respect for your approach to life, which many who live without your disability can learn a great deal from."
Michael Peen, Marketing Director, First Hotel St. Peter

"Your speeches have exactly the content I like ... and it was certainly served with a big smile, which spread to the entire House... Soren, it was just super, and I am sure it has started off many thoughts in all of us."
Preben Herholdt Rasmussen, IBM NORDIC

"Your presentation was one of the highlights of the event and, as you can tell from some of the comments received from the attendees (via the feedback forms) that have been copied below, the people that attended the Institute found your speech to be immensely inspirational!

  • Excellent choice of speaker!
  • Gave a true insight into a side of life that we never see
  • Very inspirational."
David Heath, HR-Manager, IBM UKISA

"Short and sweet: Thanks for being who you are. Here are some reactions: genuine, inspiring, positive, life-affirmative, infectious, good facilitator, convincing, good integrity, provocative, good irony, strong impression and good role model. "
Jette Bajlum, Brand Manager, Kelly Services

"Now I have been through all the evaluations from our summer school, and there were several who said your speech was one of the absolute highlights. We were very happy with your contribution, and we'll recommend you to our network. I have read the first pages of your book and am looking forward to further immersing myself in it."
Jorn Jensen - Marketing Manager

"Soren Holmgren stood out as the highlight of the day. On Sales day he told in an engaging and humorous way about the tricks he uses to be the success that he has been, despite his disability."
Ole-Bengt Moe, CEO of Mercuri International Scandinavia

"It was an absolutely fantastically good lecture you gave. Thanks for the good experience."
Tina Jensen, Logistic Co-ordinator, TOBI A/S

"Thanks for an impressive presentation, which created deep respect and the foundation for reflection for us all. There were lots of salesmen who, after the evening's event, talked about you and the results you've generated. And just think - there wasn't a single one who grumbled about their budgets!"
Sven Kristensen, Director, Wurth Danmark A/S